"The issue will resolve only when the people who watch films and who make films will come together and say, 'Let us decide what we want to see and what we will make'. You (Censor Board) just decide that the film should be  watched by this age group or under this age group," said the 'Shanghai' filmmaker.

Banerjee spoke on the sidelines of an event, where three books based on screenplays of the late Guru Dutt's productions, were launched.

Filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra too was present at the event. He slammed CBFC for recently issuing a list of words, which filmmakers cannot use in their movies. He says it's ridiculous and senseless.

"If there is any film which have such words, then make it adult (certified). How it is possible that a filmmaker will not use these words? According to me, it's ridiculous and senseless thing to say people you can't say this (in films)," he said.

The 'PK' producer also said the Censor Board authorities should not misuse their power.

"The more power you will (government) give them, the more they will (Censor Board members) misuse. Their power should be simple, they should certify films - like under 12, under 16, under 18, adult," he said.

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