Britain: One in four brides, who goes on a diet in the run-up to her wedding does not enjoy the big day, because she has not reached her target weight, a survey has revealed. The poll, for the New Atkins Diet, also found that although six months before a wedding is the most popular time for women to start dieting, one in seven admitted that she began to slim a year or even 18 months before walking down the aisle.

The average weight loss by brides-to-be was 11lbs 3ozs, but a quarter claimed loosing between 1st and 1st 7lbs, a daily reported.

One third of brides who dieted admitted that they had piled most of the weight back on during their honeymoon. Only one in 20 revealed putting on more than 1st.

"We would urge all brides to have a safe and sensible approach to dieting," Linda O'Byrne, Atkins' chief nutritionist, said.

"Quarters are failing to reach their target weight loss in time for their big day because many are not dieting correctly," she added.


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