Those nine months are full of the wonders of nature which we know as gestation period. These facts pertaining to the different stages of the embryo will certainly leave you in awe.

  • The last organ which develops in a growing baby is the lungs.
  • During the course of pregnancy, females’ uterus expands over 500 times from its normal size.
  • Female ovum is the largest cell being found in the human body while male sperm is the tiniest cell of the human body.

  • Babies growing in womb can feel, see, and hear. They even cry.
  • Amniotic fluid, a sterile urine, is the protective liquid contained by amniotic sac of pregnant female.
  • The eggs of mice, gorillas, rabbits, dogs, pigs, whales, and humans are almost of the same size.

  • Studies suggest that the babies growing in the mothers’ womb taste what the mother eats.
  • The muscle cramp is way through which the body stops excess blood loss.
  • Foetus attains fingerprints at three months of age.
  • The X or Y version of chromosome contained in the sperm determines the sex of the baby.


Balwant Tripathi/ JPN

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