However, a little precaution could add more sparkle to Diwali, and even a bit of callousness could lead to fatal consequences. Here is how you can celebrate a safe Diwali.

Keep flammables at bay

Make sure the diyas and candles are kept away from flammable materials like clothes, curtains, papers and wood. Most importantly, keep kids away from diyas.

Go for the best quality

Always buy the best quality crackers and ensure that you go through the instructions before bursting them. Good quality firecrackers reduce the risk of dangerous mishap.

Burst crackers in open ground

It is also important to not burst crackers in crowded areas or along the roadsides, because that might prove to be dangerous for bystanders or for the passing public.

Emergency precautions

While bursting crackers, keep a bucket full of water nearby. Make a note of emergency numbers to call in case of accidents. Keep some basic medication with you.

What to wear

Take care of your clothes while bursting crackers. To avoid any accident with fire it is recommended that you wear cotton clothes and stay away from synthetic material.

Candles and Diyas

Diwali is all about beautiful candles and diyas spreading their light and happiness. However, keeping lit candles and diyas at home can cost you dearly at times. You must make sure that there aren’t any curtains or inflammable materials close to them.

Keep the crackers away

Do not keep stock of crackers near fire. Fireworks are to be stored away from fire or any other heat source or light fireworks inside the house. Hence, they should be stored safely somewhere cool and dry, out of children’s reach.

One at a time

Light only one firework at a time. Do not light any firecrackers in your own hand .Always maintain a safe distance from the fire crackers. Avoid bending over them.

Rush to the hospital in case of emergency

Don't use powder or ghee or any other home remedies on burnt body surface to avoid the chance of infection. In case of emergency, rush to the nearest hospital.


It is important to celebrate festivals with utmost sensitivity and care. Using firecrackers that do not create a lot of noise can be the first step towards being sensitive to your fellow neighbors and friends. Too much noise pollution can be harmful for everyone as well as the environment.Spread happiness this Diwali and celebrate this beautiful festival joyously with your loved ones.


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