Most of the Indians are grown up with listed superstitions in such a manner that they unconsciously are dragged by these beliefs. Let's check them out:

Sneezing before you leave is unlucky – So, stop that breathe, no matter you die!

Cat crossing your way is inauspiciousLet the poor cute animal be, they really don't care about you

Ohh! Hiccups: Someone is remembering you, for sure! – A myth, good for loners!

Palm itching can bring or lose you money – Dude, it's just because your hands are dirty. Go and wash them

Sleeping with a scissor or a knife beneath pillow can help avoid bad dreams and ghosts – Ohh Yeah! Like if a ghost comes, you will take out your utterly powerful knife to fight

Sweeping the floor in evening sends goddess Lakshmi (money) back from your house – Yaa! Do not sweep it, keep the dirt in your house & goddess Lakshmi will give you equivalent money

Lemon-chilli (nimbu-mirchi) totka can prevent you from hate streak – Instead, serve some lemonade, because it spreads love and your enemy will hate you less and then 'no nazar lagaying'

Shaking legs while sitting is not favourable
– They are just your legs that want to dance at times!

Broken glass/mirror invites bad luck – Obviously, it's bad luck because you will have to buy a new mirror for yourself

Open hair during night invite ghosts - Tie your hair before any ghost starts liking you and gets on you

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