London: It's the little things in life that give us the greatest moments of happiness, a new survey has revealed.
The researchers found that nothing can beat the burst of pleasure you get on at discovering a forgotten 20-pound note in the pocket of an old coat.

The next best thrill is being notified that you've won a prize in a competition which you'd forgotten even entering.
There's a real feeling of relief and happiness when you wake up after a night on the tiles and find you haven't got a trace of a hangover.

Climbing aboard a crowded train and spotting the one spare seat is another uplifting moment, and there is a glow in stepping on the bathroom scales to find you've lost even as little as half a pound.

All these were among the moments of unexpected pleasure picked out in a survey by comparison site MoneySupermarket which looked at the nation's happiness levels as many battle the January blues.

As part of the study, laundrette users were each given 20 pounds and told by staff it had been found in their pocket.

The study revealed all of the "lucky" customers kept the money rather than handing it back. Some of the recipients even made out they knew they had left money in their pockets.

According to those surveyed, among the other moments that perk up life are getting an unexpected refund, saving money on bills, finding money in a supermarket automated till and getting to the till to discover that an item has been marked down.

"January can be a tough time for a lot of people, so it's vital to save where you can. It's worthwhile taking the time to see what little triumphs or 'mini-wins' you can achieve by reviewing household bills and everyday spending," a daily quoted Clare Francis of MoneySupermarket as saying.

"Saving money feels great, so people should think about ways they can cut back. The small savings all add up and can make you feel really good at the same time," Francis added.

The little successes that get you jumping for joy are:

1. Discovering money you didn't know you had or finding 20 pounds in an old coat

2. Winning a competition you forgot you entered

3. Getting a refund or rebate you didn't know was due

4. Saving money on household bills

5. Finding a 10-pound winning lottery ticket

6. Going to the till at the shops and realising your item has been marked down

7. Losing 1/2lb

8. Finding money in a supermarket self-service checkout

9. Not having a hangover after a big night out

10. Getting a seat on the train into work


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