The glassware has been described to essay a ‘significant’ role in the thriller along with the stars. These beer bottles apparently clink and clamour for as much attention as the stars with their histrionics.

All films nowadays steadfastly carry the message that smoking and drinking affect health substantially. Wonder how these plethora of beer bottles, who the makers allege make a big impact in the film, will pass muster with the concerned authorities. The Censor Board and health ministry raise the alarm when anyone lights up a cigarette or takes a sip of the bubbly on the screen as they feel Bollywood glamorizes smoking and drinking.

As ‘R...Rajkumar’ is an action flick, most of Shahid’s stunts and fight sequences have been done with beer bottles. Not to be left behind Sonakshi also has gone on a bottle-breaking rampage, on the heads of the goons in the film.

When asked about the presence of the numerous beer bottles in the film, producer Viki Rajani explains, “In the Gandi Baat track, it is a desi bar song. The production designer Nitin Desai came up with the idea to do the entire set using beer bottles. It also added a lot of colour when it was lit up for shooting. The beer bottles have added flavour to the set up.”

In the Gandi Baat song where Shahid and Sonu Sood get jiggy along with director Prabhu Dheva the thousands of bottles are on display on the sets. The rest keep popping up every now and then in the flick.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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