Mexico: Luis Roberto Ramirez has astonished everyone by getting admission in Harvard University at the tender age of 10 years. His intelligence quotient is considered to be equal to legendary scientist Albert Einstein. Luis will be studying Quantum Physics in Harvard University this year.

In an interview which was aired on Michoacan Radio and Television System, Luis said that his dream is to start his own venture which will sell self-invented products. The prodigy belongs to Zamora and he had surprised everyone by learning English at the age of five. He is now learning French and Chinese.

Around two years back, Luis’s parents realized that their child is very different from a normal child. His interests, likings are very different from the children of his age.

At the age of eight, Luis’s IQ was calculated between 152 and 160 which is close to Einstein. His father Roberto Ramirez said that he is a proud father.


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