Moscow: At least 11 people are feared killed as a cargo plane carrying them crashed in a remote eastern region of Russia.

The Antonov An-12 transport aircraft took off from North-Eastern Siberian gold mining city of Magadan and was bound for Keperveyem in remote Chukotka region.

According to media reports, the plane disappeared from radar screens at 300 kilometres from Magadan after its pilot reported a fuel leak and fire in one of its four engines.

Witnesses later said they had seen the plane fall to the ground. Rescue officials said the plane had most likely crashed near the village of Omsukchan in the Magadan region.

A helicopter carrying rescuers is on its way to the scene.

The search operation is being hindered by thick fog.

Vesti FM said the rescuers presume that all people are dead and they have made arrangements to evacuate 11 dead bodies from the crash site with rugged terrain.