Chinese police shot dead nine assailants believed to be militants from the separatist East Turkistan Islamic Movement, (ETIM) when they attacked a police station at Serikbuya township of Bachu County in Kashgar Prefecture on Sunday evening.

Wielding knives and axes, the nine assailants, including one identified as Abla Ehet, attacked the police station in Serikbuya township of Bachu county in Kashgar Prefecture, state-run Xinhua news agency quoted police as saying.

Two police officers who were injured in the attack reportedly died later.

The restive Xinjiang province faced unrest between Uyghurs and members of Han community over the increasing settlements of Hans in the province.

The province witnessed several such attacks resulting in numerous casualties. China blames ETIM which is fighting for independence of Xinjaing for the violence.

Beijing also blamed the group for the last month's alleged suicide attack at the historical Tienanmen square here when five people including three suicide attackers were killed and 40 others injured.


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