Twelve workers were buried after the landslide with one rescued later.

Heavy rains have hit many parts of Chongqing since Sunday morning.
Xianchi area of Yunyang County reported the highest precipitation with 287.5 mm within a day.

Communication has been cut-off due to rains in 17 towns in Wuxi County, also in Chongqing, the state-run news agency reported.

Around 3,397 hectares of crops were affected and 66 km of roads were damaged in Wuxi, it said.

Heavy rainfall has been predicted in Chongqing on Tuesday, which will dampen rescue efforts.

Meanwhile, at the site of another landslide that occurred five days ago in Guizhou Province, search operations have been wrapped up by rescuers, with bodies of all 23 victims rescued so far.

The local government is investigating the cause of the disaster. Villagers have blamed local phosphorus mining for weakening the mountain's structure.

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