Madhubani: Indeed the Right to Education (RTE) has brought students back to schools but the condition of school infrastructure and facilities still remains pathetic in Bihar.

In a shocking exposure, a government school in Kaluahi tehsil under Madhubani district is running classes of 1,144 students in an average size class room despite having six rooms in the school building.
The other rooms are being used for preparing food as part of mid-day meal scheme, stores for keeping books and for official purposes.

The exposure is more appalling as it is among those schools of the region which are being closely observed by the Education department.

Moreover, the presence of offices of Education Division In-Charge and BRC in the school campus has raised several questions over the poor facilities and deplorable condition of the school.

In this dismal condition, students of all the classes are forced to take combined classes in one room. Subsequently, the standard of education these children are getting can be easily concluded. “We have to bring our own mats and have to manage sitting on the ground for the classes”, said Class VI student Kanchan Kumari.

Illustrating his woes, a Class VII student Rambabu Mahto said that he has not yet received his course books completely. In this regard, school teacher Phool Kumar Mandal said that the school administration has received 103 books set only while the student registered in the class is 332.

Speaking over the deprived condition of the basic facilities, school teachers Ram Shanker Jha and Abu Mohammad said that the school toilets are not in the working condition and the teachers and students are facing several problems.

“The school building is in a dilapidated condition and one cannot rule out the possibilities of a mishap. In such a condition mid-day food are prepared in open as the kitchen has no shed”, the teachers said.

Durganand Jha, Principal of the school said that the school had received a grant of barely Rs 45, 000 for the maintenance purposes and it was insufficient for the school management to manage everything is such a meager amount.

“We have approached the administration at several occasions but no action has been taken so far”, Jha added.

When asked about the miserable condition of the school the Education Division In-Charge Gopal Singh said “The school campus has shortage of rooms. Rooms having books of BRC will soon be vacated and will be converted in class rooms. We will intimate the senior officials about condition of the school and necessary measures will be taken soon.”