Thane (Maha): As many as 1,220 persons lost their lives in the last five years due to various train accidents in India, out of which, the mishaps occurred at the unmanned level crossings accounted for 717 fatalities, which is 59 per cent of the total.

 The Railway Board has provided these year-wise (April to March) figures in reply to an RTI query filed by the president of Thane District Rail Passengers' Association- Om Prakash Sharma.

The reply also states that the deaths due to unmanned level crossing was 146 in 2006-07, 148 in 2007-08, 129 in 2008-09, 170 in 2009-10 and 124 in 2010-11.

As per the year-wise breakup, the number of people killed due to train mishaps was maximum in 2010-11, with 374 registered deaths. There were 208 deaths in 2006-07, 191 in 2007-08, 209 in 2008-09 and 238 in 2009-10.

According to the Railway Board, deaths due to train collisions was maximum (239) in 2010-11. Of the total number of deaths in 2010-11, 64 per cent which is 239 of the total was on account of collision. Out of the 49 deaths due to train derailment, 13 were in 2007-08, the reply added.

In the last five years, the total number of persons injured in train accidents was 2,124, out of which, 469 were registered in 2010-11. The number of injured was 402 in 2006-07, 412 in 2007-08, 444 in 2008-09, and 397 in 2009-10, it said.

Gupta said, "The number of train accidents and the resulting loss of human lives is on the rise, as revealed by the Railway Board figures. The railway authorities should immediately take precautionary measures, especially at the unmanned level crossings, so that precious human lives are not lost."