Beijing:  At least 14 people including a Chinese police officer were killed in a spate of violent
incidents in China's volatile Xinjiang province.

While seven people were killed in an attack by two 'rioters', who hijacked a bus and rammed into a crowd of people last night in Kashghar, located close to the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), seven more were killed on Sunday.

Four suspects were shot and four others were caught by police on Sunday.

While three people, including a police officer, were also killed today, Chinese state-run news agency reported.

It quoted witnesses as saying that the victims were hacked to death by the 'rioters'.

Police are hunting for four others following an eruption of violence, in which more than 10 pedestrians and police officers had been injured, the report said, providing very sketchy details.

The incident took place after at least seven people were killed by rioters last night in the same city.

Last night two 'suspects' reported to be Uyghurs hijacked a truck after stabbing the driver to death and rammed it into pedestrians.

The pair later jumped out of the truck and hacked bystanders, the report said.

At least six people were killed on the spot and 28 others were injured in the incident. "One of the rioters died when fighting with local people, and the other was nabbed", it said.