London: Actress Hailee Steinfeld attracted controversy after it was stated that she will be shooting a risqué sex scene in her next movie 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Oscar nominated star will appear naked in the modern adaptation of the Shakespeare classic, which she signed up to earlier this year, reported a website.

A leaked copy of the film's script, written by Julian Fellowes, has revealed the scene.

Fellowes has already defended his decision, saying he wanted to have an age-appropriate actor, just like the Shakespeare originals.
"I wanted Hailee because she is the perfect age. Juliet is at that stage of... what you might call a child/woman. Just like Hailee herself is," he said.

"My version is a romantic story, one that keeps pretty true to Shakespeare but is, I hope, more accessible," he added.
It has not been revealed whether or not body doubles will be used.

Steinfeld's grown-up role comes after she was also named the new face of fashion house Miu last month.