New Delhi: Fifteen days after their critical surgery in a district hospital in Madhya Pradesh, one of the conjoined twins passed away in Betul in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Aradhana who had been lagging behind her twin Stuti on the road to recovery, died after two heart attacks on Thursday.

Dr Rajiv Choudhrie, medical superintendent of Padhar hospital, where the twins were recuperating after their surgery, said, “Aradhana passed away at 9:20 pm on Thursday.”

Doctors, under whose surveillance Aradhna was kept, said, Aradhna met with cardiac arrest twice in the night. She developed septicemia (Infection in her blood) after the separation surgery.

The twins were separated from each other on June 20 by the group of experts including 23 doctors from both India and abroad.

Both the twins celebrated their first birthday on July 2 in the hospital with great fun. The ceremony was attended by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who had donated Rs 20 lakh from the Chief Minister's discretionary fund for the duo's expensive surgery.

The conjoined twins, Aradhna and Stuti born to Maya and Hariram Yadav on July 2, 2011 .

Because of their poor financial condition they were unable to take care of them and had abondened them in the hospital where they were born. Since from that the hospital took care of the twins. Now the whole hospital staff is in a state of shock after the death of one of the conjoined twins Aradhna.

Meanwhile Stuti’s condition is stated to be fine, said the doctors. She is still admitted in the hospital. The doctors are monitoring her.


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