"There have been more than 100 face-offs and 150 transgression by the Chinese army into the Indian territory near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh sector this year, a senior army official told reporters. Last year, the Chinese soldiers entered the Indian territories 600 times and confronted the Indian troops on 350 occasions. In 2013, 400 intrusion incidents were reported besides 100 face-offs.

"I think both the sides want that things remain calm along the LAC. There is a lot of engagement that takes place," the army official said. "We had one meeting point in Ladakh. One more has come up, where we will engage with the Chinese army officials. So things are largely peaceful," the army commander added.

Of the September 2014 over three-week long standoff in Chumar and Demchok areas in eastern Ladakh, the official said the matter was resolved peacefully as the militarise engaged on all levels -- from diplomatic to troops on the ground” he added.

"Transgressions do occur because the LAC is not actually defined. We have our perception of LAC and they have theirs. In that sense, troops from both the sides transgress into each others' areas. There are only four-five pockets... not all along the borderline or LAC. The LAC is largely peaceful," the senior army official said.

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