Lucknow: More than 150 local level parties are ready to try their luck in poll bound Uttar Pradesh. As Uttar Pradesh assembly elections are round the corner, there has been a spike in the numbers of registered political parties in the state.

These local parties created hurdles for national parties in 2007 elections as they marked victory over dozen of seats.

In the first UP assembly elections after the Independence, 12 national and two regional parties entered the battle of ballots. During that time there was no registered party. However, within a span of 60 years, UP has shown drastic increase in the number of registered small parties. In 2007 election, as many as 112 parties were in the political battle ground.

According to Chief Election Commissioner of the state, Umesh Sinha, there are 1,178 registered parties all across the country. From 1960 to 2011 there has been fluctuation in the number. In 1969 there were 17 registered parties which slumped to 16 in 1974, seven in 1977 and 1980 and two in 1985. The numbers took a jump in 1989 with 26 parties, 23 in 1991, 25 in 1993, 23 in 1996, 75 in 2002 and 112 in 2007.

Though the number of small parties has gone up in the last few decades, parties like Ambedkar Kranti Dal, Adarsh Lok Dal, All India Minorities Front, Jansatta Party, Moderate Party and others failed to get even one percent of the vote bank.