New Delhi: Release of five crore commemorative coins to mark 150 years of
taxation, will be minted for public distribution soon.
The Rs 5 coin, made of an alloy of Silver, Copper, Nickel and Zinc was unveiled along with a coin in the denomination of Rs 150 on the occasion of completion of 150 years of taxation and also of the Income Tax department from 1860 to 2010.

The special coin has an international design with 'Satyameva Jayate' and 'India' on the front and a portrait of 'Chanakya and lotus with honeybee' on the reverse.

Talking at length a senior official said that Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister, will put these coins in the public domain on February 26, which eventually will become a collector's item. He also said that these coins will have no extra price for the common man.

The officer also mentioned that the Rs 150 coins will also be minted in the same fashion
but only about 200 coins will be minted and would be available on request at a special price.

He further added that earlier only 100 coins of Rs 5 were planned to be issued but the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and the Income Tax department impressed upon the government the need to mint more such coins in public interest.