1. Keep your timing in check: Type "set timer to 10 minutes and 10 seconds" and the timer will immediately start. This is especially useful if you don't have your smartphone or a stopwatch.

2. Play an old game, in a new way: Eg, type "Atari Breakout" into Google Images and your newest Internet distraction will suddenly appear.
3. Easy way to convert your units. Kilometers to miles, yards to meter, you name it and Google will convert it.

4. See the screen a bit differently: A search for "do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" will spin the page and Searching for "tilt" or "askew" will...yep, tilt the page.

5. Monitor the sun: You can check the exact times for sunrise and sunset-anywhere, at any time.

6. Calculate your tab: Quickly type "tip calculator" into Google and in seconds, calculating the exact tip for your meal, based upon a personalized percentage and the number of people dining.

7. Flip a virtual coin: Toss difficult decisions out the window. Press the microphone icon (or type) on Google's search bar, and say "flip a coin" or "heads or tails." This feature lets Google flip a coin for you when you don't have one on hand.

8. Want to recursively run searches for recursion? Search for "recursion."

9. When you ask Google to "define anagram... you will see it refereeing to "nag a ram."

10. Decide what's for dinner: For those who are counting calories or just can't decide what to eat, Google can help you make an informed decision. Compare the calories on Google.

11. Seamlessly search your favorite sites: By using the "site:keyword" search, Google will only give results for that website.

12. Searching for "zerg rush" creates a search page being eaten by 'O's. Click each O three times to kill it.

13. Search for holiday dates and get reminders on Google Now.

14. Google Translate has a manual feature that allows you to draw characters and symbols.

15. Clicking the microphone icon in Google search will allow you to speak your searches and commands. Say, "make me a sandwich" and you might get sassed.

16. Searching for "Google in 1998" gives you an older version of Google.

17. Search "the answer to life, the universe and everything", see what amazing happens.

18. Find out the distance between cities (and travel time).