Rahul Kumar, who stood 980th in the IIT 2015, said, “At least 10 students of my village clear the examinations every year.” Kumar added the atmosphere for study is so good that everyone studies together and helps each other in case of difficulty.

The village has populations of around 10, 000. Almost every household has a power loom. Despite sound pollution, these students devote 4-10 hours to the study to crack the examinations.

"We get an conducive environment where all the IIT aspirants gather to study," opined Rahul, adding that his uncle had also passed the examinations.

"Those students who have already cleared IIT examinations  help aspirants crack it. An NGO also gives tips to the students how to prepare for it," said a villager whose son also passed the examinations.

Declining power loom business forced the villagers to take education seriously. They decided to make efforts to educate their children.

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