Washington: Divorced men have a lot of thoughts and opinions about their ex-wives after they are separated. According to Emma Johnson of WealthySingleMommy.com, firstly, men appreciate their former partner for all they have done for the kids and the house, media reported. Johnson said that when woman keep having fights with her friends, it validates a man’s opinion that she is impossible to get along with.

After taking divorce, men say that you’re a really great mom. On the contrary they can also say that you’re messing up the kids. According to Johnson, men say that they wanted to be the guy who cheers you on as you push the baby out, and catch the baby as you squeeze him out your vagina, but when he did that, he feels differently about your vagina and he’s not proud of that.

Men wanted to be that guy who loved you and found you attractive no matter how fat you got, but he just isn’t attracted to you now, despite of number of tries. Men will say that they did love you no matter what.

The eighth thing that they say is that one day they realized that they didn’t love you anymore. Men also say that it didn’t just hurt their feelings, when you didn’t have sex for months and years, but it devastated them, and made them worry about their manhood and themselves, which was a big deal.

The tenth thing they say is that you insisted everything be done your way, which made them not want to do anything at all. Another thing that men say is that now that they are on his own with the kids, they are better dad.

According to Johnson, men also say that they loved being the provider while you stayed home with the kids. They will say that they are paying child support and alimony and they really resents that you gave up your career.

Men are a little bit happy that you’re struggling financially because they feel that maybe now you’ll appreciate how hard he worked and how much you blew through all the money he earned. It’s not that men liked the other women better than you; it’s just that she liked him back.

Men say that they are much happier after getting divorced. But, they will want to kill your boyfriend. The last thing that men say is that sometimes when you have the kids and it’s late at night, he secretly wishes you’d text him asking him to come home and sleep.


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