Karachi, Jan 28 (Agencies): In a bizarre incident, the Pakistani police produced a year-and-half-old infant before a judicial magistrate as a prime accused in a murder case of a 20-year-old youth in the country's financial capital.

Javed Akhtar, a judicial magistrate in the east zone of the city, was left aghast after seeing the 18 months old boy being produced in court as a prime accused, according to officials.

"The judge lost his cool on seeing this and gave the investigating officer a piece of his mind when the police informed him that the infant, Raees had slit the throat of 20-year old Alamgir," a court official said.

"The judge wanted to know how an infant could sit on the throat of a 20 year-old youth and slit his throat and how was this humanly possible and the police had no answer to this except that the mother of the deceased had nominated the infant as prime accused," a court official said.

 The judge ordered the police to come up with the real suspects after the complainant, Shehla started shouting in court that the police had helped the real accused, also named Raees alias Mamoon, escape after taking bribes.

"The complainant said that Raees had kidnapped her son out of enemity and killed him but the police allowed him to escape and instead named the infant, also named Raees and living in the same locality, in the FIR," the official said.