"During the final two years of my career, I daily used a light dosage of anabolic steroids," Stalman said in an interview.
Stalman, 32 at the time told that her decision to take part in doping was sparked after a pre-Olympic visit to the former East Germany. She said she saw signs there that many women were using steroids.
"I wanted to beat them badly," said Stalman, now 64.

"I then thought that the only way was that if you can't beat them, join them," she said, adding she used doping during heavy bouts of training to help her recover faster.
Ironically, the 1984 Olympic Games saw a Soviet Union-led boycott by former Eastern Bloc countries including East Germany as well as Cuba payback for the West's snub of the 1980 Moscow Games.
It was not clear why Stalman who was named the Netherlands' 1984 Sportswoman of the Year after the Games, decided to come clean more than three decades later. She did tell the NOS the admission 'gave her some relief' and that she hoped it would finally draw the curtain on the issue.


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