London: Chicken-Fish and Pickywickywoowoo are among the 20 most bizarre names that owners have given their cats and dogs, according to a new survey.

Alongside Pickywickywoowoo, cats' names are as outlandish as Princess Maisie Dolores, Strawberry Surprise, and Mister Fuzzy Mittens.

Dog names ranged from the embarrassing to the peculiar, such as Toe-Jam, Chicken-Fish and Towpath Tidy, media reported.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home put together its top 20 by asking its 225,000 Facebook and Twitter fans to give them the most bizarre pet names they knew.

Last year, Britain's most popular dog and cat name was plain old Charlie, but these owners are branching out and coming up with the most original names they can.

Since Battersea takes in around 9,000 dogs and cats every year, staff themselves has to come up with unusual names for their constant new arrivals.

   At the moment they have an Anatolian shepherd cross named  Senor Snuggles, and a cat called Cuddle Bear.

    Strangest dog names are:



    Mr Terry Foxer


    Towpath Tidy



Yum Yum



Mr Bongi Muggles

The Reverend Black

Strangest cat names are:




  Mr Wriggle-bum

  Mister Fuzzy Mittens

  Strawberry Surprise

  Miss Moggit

  Bat Cat

  Princess Maisie Dolores




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