New Delhi: It’s that time of the year when love is in the air. It’s that time of the year when passions ignite. It’s that time of the year when heart races for that someone special. It’s that special time of the year when love god is expected to smile on you.

As the Valentine’s Day is getting closer, almost everyone on this planet will be planning to make the day really special as it is one more reason to shower love on your soul mate. Everyone will be planning to express how much he/she loves the partner in best possible manner. Few will be planning to get into relationship while some others would be trying to revive the relationships. After all it’s the love god who will be playing cupid on the day and more positive results are expected. Everyone will be trying to find new ways to celebrate the day.

We are sharing with you the best known aphrodisiacs to fill you with full of passion and desire. After all it helps in converging two souls into one!



It is among the best known aphrodisiac. It carries anandamide which is also referred to be as “love chemical”. Cacao is preferred by woman because it stimulates physical agility. It helps in releasing endorphins which helps in delaying the climax.


The shape says something. It is known for its quality to enhance libido in males. It helps in necessary hormone secretion in the body. Sugar content gives you ample amount of energy whereas it also promises to give you euphoria.


Again the shape of fruit hanging on trees resembled testicles. It helps in maintaining proper energy levels during love making.


The smell and taste both are stimulating. The aroma is found to be fruitful for the human body. It generates heat in the body.


It is rich source of Vitamin C. It is considered to be one powerful aphrodisiac. Surely an ingredient for the beautiful evening.


It gives great effect on the body when consumed with hot milk. It helps in lasting long on bed.

It helps in producing testosterone which improves sexual health. It is also helpful in delaying orgasm.

This is considered as a super fruit which is very healthy for libido. Some say that it is among most powerful aphrodisiac.

Ginseng: It helps in stabilising hormone levels. It increases sexual attraction. Regular dose is recommended for better sex drives.

The herb is known for its quality to increase fertility and sexual arousal properties.

It improves blood circulation in the body. Hence considered good for lasting erection of male organ.

It is among the oldest known aphrodisiac. Its consumption will boost orgasm. Historically, it was served to the couples at prenuptial dinners. Good for both the sexes.

Red wine is well known for its health benefits. It helps in reducing stress and increasing libido.

The rare fruit is also among the best known aphrodisiac. It increases the skin sensibility to its highest levels. Good ingredient to ignite fire on the bed.

It contains allicin which is good for blood flow. It is recommended to include garlic in diets regularly. It abates sexual fatigue.

It is good for testosterone production. It helps in lasting long on bed. Extremely beneficial when consumed daily.

It gives heat and increases heart rate. It is good for arousal and makes you excited. It also helps in releasing endorphins.

It is considered to be extremely beneficial for erection. The fruit improves blood circulation and is good for organ development. It is also remedial for erectile dysfunction.

Salmon: It is famous as rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The essential oil helps in increasing response to the arousal.   

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