The 48 year-old actor is accused of driving his SUV onto a pavement in Bandra in Mumbai on September 28, 2002, leading to the death of one person and injuries to four others.

A parking attendant working at JW Marriott Hotel was the first witness on Thursday on the stands in the trial. He said he had seen Salman Khan sitting in the vehicle while it was standing outside the restaurant before they left. He saw Khan's body guard standing outside on the right side of the vehicle and Kamal Khan sitting behind the actor. He also claimed that Salman had given him Rs 500 tip.

Salman's lawyer Srikant Shivde cross-examined witness and questioned the authenticity of his statement. The lawyer wondered how his statement could be treated as authentic when it was his colleague who had filled up a form writing down the details of the car.

Previously in July, the court hearing was stalled after 63 original statements of witnesses and case diaries had gone missing from the custody of police. As soon as the missing documents were recovered, the case was reopened in September.


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