Kolkata: Year 2011 has been an unforgettable and eventful one for the people of West Bengal in many aspects. While in the beginning of the year, the state witnessed a sea-change in the political atmosphere by voting Trinamool Congress (TMC) to power, thereby ending a 34-year-old CPM rule, it also encountered with tragedies like AMRI hospital fire and Hooch tragedy in the second half of the year.

The month of May registered a change in political arena of the state. After many phases of assembly elections, the result was not in favour of 34-year-old Left Front government. People voted for a change and brought TMC to power with Mamata Banerjee donning the mantle.

The decision of people was historic for the state. Prior to the assembly polls, political polarizations had already started against the Left front, with the exercise of giving a final shape to the TMC-Congress alliance.

It was only few days before the polling that TMC agreed to do away with its 62 seats and met with an amicable solution with the Congress, hence sealing the alliance. Significantly, SUCI maintained its tough stand against the Congress despite being an alliance partner.

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party also fielded candidate on all seats but was unable to leave a mark.
Admitting its dust-biting failure in the assembly elections, the Left front said, “Due to the participation of some wrong people in the party, a wrong message was sent across the public.” People even over-looked the attempts of industrialization and land acquisition, the Left Front added.

The Left Front even started the organizational elections, but owing to the ground level failure, it even failed to hold Branch Organization Convention. At the same time, Mamata was elected as the party chairperson for the second time consecutively.

However, the honeymoon period of the TMC and the Congress ended very soon when the former’s request of financial aid for the debt-ridden state was rejected by the Centre. There was a situation when it seemed as if the TMC regarded as the second largest ally of the UPA threatened to walk out of the alliance.