New Delhi: Even if the stage is all set for the Assembly elections next year, a slight ignorance of the directives given by Election Commission (EC) can invite a setback for political career of the candidates wishing to contest elections in 2012.

With the EC getting more stringent in ensuring fair elections, any kind of slackness in submitting affidavit during filling up of nomination form by the candidates can lead to disqualification of their candidature this time.

A glaring example in this row is that of JD-U leader Mangani Lal Mandal. His nomination paper was rejected by the EC after he failed to declare the assets of his first wife in the affidavit submitted by him.

As per the Supreme Court’s directives in 2002, every candidate desiring to contest election requires to submit an affidavit alongwith the nomination papers to the EC, which contains information about his criminal records, assets, education records and other important details.