New Delhi: Even as the political soil in Uttar Pradesh heats up owing to the upcoming Assembly elections and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) deciding to play it fair this time to beguile the washed away vote bank, it seems the party will have to eat crow of its own decision to select candidates based on survey.

With other political parties in the state have already declared their list of candidates for the 2012 polls, the BJP is limping in the ground work of preparing the list.

The saffron brigade has decided that party candidates will not be selected on the basis of survey only, as declared by party president Nitin Gadkari. While deciding the list, other factors such as opinion of the party, public equation and the candidate fielded by the opposition parties would be taken into consideration.

With these equations at hand, it won’t be before Dussehra that the first list of BJP candidates will be declared.

According to sources, the party organisation’s hold in the state has gravitated low making it hard to select powerful candidates. In addition, the bickering within the team constituted to decide the election strategy has added to the party woes. The state leaders are also not being able to overcome the caste equation which consequently, is affecting the election preparation.

It is to be noted that party president Nitin Gadkari had clearly indicated that ticket will be given only on the basis of survey and had also advised local leaders to earn merit on the basis of result oriented work in their constituencies.

(JPN/ Bureau)