Lucknow: The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) might have taken lead in upcoming 2012 Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls by declaring the list of candidates a year ago but several of its candidates have somewhat failed in making social connect. Also, after a string of incidents, the party is experiencing imbalance in social engineering.

The party, therefore, has started looking for new faces on more than 50 seats. For this, zonal coordinators have been asked to suggest alternatives. This is plan B of the BSP for upcoming elections in the state.

Under Plan A, it was decided that candidates will be given enough time so that they reach out to public and cadres were deployed to assess their field work.

However, the report from respective cadres has put a question mark on the poll journey of about 125 candidates as they were unable to make a social connect and could not energise harmony committees as well.

Following this, the party has been forced to bring changes in its strategies owing to various reasons. Difficulties for the BSP increased after the Lokayukta reports which led to resignations of various ministers. Even though they are present in the party, it has affected social equation of the BSP.

Now, in order to strike a balance in the party, the BSP is planning to bring out new faces. The party has already made it clear that it will not spend on the alternative candidates and they should also not have tainted image.

Notably, introducing new faces has been beneficial for the BSP in last elections, but this time the same experiment is not likely to benefit it.