"Home prices are up. Businesses have added 10.9 million jobs over the last 57 months. That's the longest streak on record. And we've already added more 2.65 million jobs this calendar year through November - than any full calendar year since the 1990s," he said.

"Job growth has been even higher in business services, technology and, of course, manufacturing. That's important. Because those are sectors with higher than average wages. So job growth should be  higher in those sectors with higher than average wages," he said.
Highlighting that the country has made significant strides in manufacturing, he said, "Manufacturing is growing faster than the broader economy, contributing to record exports for the fifth straight year. We have had a total of 7,64,000 manufacturing jobs. Those have been added since February of 2010.
"We right now in 2014 are running at a pace of 15,000 new manufacturing jobs per month. That's actually double the pace of last year, 2013," he added. Zients said across the last several years, US production has ramped up significantly by more than 50 per cent to now over eight and a half billion barrels a day. That has dramatically reduced our dependence on imports. There's been some better news recently in terms of job growth, particularly high in areas like business services, technology and manufacturing, which have higher-wage jobs, he said.

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