A senior RJD leader said the two parties should come out with the names of their candidates first and only then it would be decided whether those candidates have any potential to win or not.

"Come out with the name of your 'pahelwan' (potential candidate) for the seat you claim, then only based on a real assessment, the seat will be given to a particular party," RJD vice-president Raghubansh Prasad Singh said.

"This time it will not be like a seat is allocated and then you start looking for a candidate... one has to come out with a name, and then only a claim on any seat will be entertained," Singh, a RJD MP from Vaishali, said, adding the criteria was applicable for all possible alliance partners.

Talking tough, Singh said, "We cannot accept anyone as candidate among alliance partners as the coming elections is crucial to check communal forces led by Narendra Modi."

In the 2009 elections, when the LJP fought the elections with RJD minus the Congress, it was given 12 seats.


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