Ahmednagar: Social activist and anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Saturday said that 2014 would be ‘the year of change’.

Inaugurating the 'National Youth Integration Camp' organised by Snehalaya and National Youth Project, Hazare said, "The mindset of Indian youth is changing rapidly, and the year 2014 would be the year of change. If the youth resolve, they can change the system."

The next general elections are due on 2014. The anti-corruption crusader, who has been accused by senior Congress leaders of acting at the behest of RSS and BJP, however added that ‘change of power’ was not his goal.

Hazare said that every problem before the country could not be blamed on the system, the political parties and the government. "Everyone among us must resolve to undertake a small effort, as per the individual capacity, to improve the life of the most backward person in the society," he said.

He also said that for any agitation or protest to succeed, its promoters must have some creative work to their credit, which gives them credibility. "I have been working for the last forty years. Therefore the society stood by me (in the anti-corruption struggle)."