New Delhi: Five years after completing their jail term, 21mentally retarded convicts hailing from Pakistan are still lodged in Indian jails and are unaware of their family whereabouts.

The Home Ministry had filed an affidavit in the Apex Court on January 24 regarding the details of Pakistan-origin inmates in India. The court had ordered deportation of the Pakistani prisoners who have completed their jail term.
The hearing on the petition filed by Panthers Party Chairman Professor Bhim Singh in this regard will be held in Supreme Court on Tuesday.

According to the affidavit, 273 inmates and 29 fishermen from Pakistan are lodged in Indian jails out of which, 37 including 21 mentally retarded prisoners have completed their sentence.

The 37 prisoners could not be sent back to their home country because the Pakistan High Commission has not confirmed their citizenship. The Commission has informed that the details required to ensure their citizenship have been sent to the concerned Pakistani authorities.

The Central government told the Supreme Court that it had directed the states on February 15 to move the inmates to a mental hospital along with proper security. According to the government’s list of 21 Pakistani mentally retarded inmates, 15 are lodged in Amritsar Central Jail, three in Ganganagar Central Jail, one in Jaipur Central Jail, one in Raisinghnagar Sub Jail and one in Jaisalmer Central jail

The Indian government has handed over a list of 85 prisoners to Pakistan who will be deported soon after the confirmation of their identity. The government said, “Both the nations had signed a Consular Access Agreement in 2008 under which a policy was made to enable release and identification of the prisoners. 531 Pakistani inmates have been deported to their homeland in last two years.