The Centre has allowed Rashtriya Janata Dal chief and former railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav and Congress’ Buta Singh to keep their residence at special rent- concessions meted out to them by the UPA government in contravention to a Supreme Court judgment.

As per the law, Lalu is no longer entitled to a ministerial bungalow but following Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath’s instructions, the Ministry gave him the permission owing to his ‘diabetes and cardio problem’ and apparently because his granddaughter goes to a school in Delhi.

Buta Singh’s application was cleared by Nath after a letter by the Prime Minister was received that sought the bungalow on grounds of threat as he enjoys z+ security.

According to sources, the MPs who are no longer ministers have plush type VII and type VIII bungalows. It is believed that these bungalows are among the largest government accommodations, usually having eight bedrooms, four servant quarters, two garages with front and back lawns too.


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