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23 dead, over 80 wounded at two places in Iraq bombings

Publish Date: 29 Nov 2012, 07:26 PM
Last Updated: 29 Nov 2012, 07:26 PM
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Explosion in Iraq claims 23 lives
Explosion in Iraq claims 23 lives

Baghdad: At least 23 people were killed and more than 80 wounded on Thursday in two bombings that targeted Shia Muslim pilgrims in Iraq, media reported.

The first attack occurred in Hilla city, 100 km south of Baghdad, when two car bombs went off near a restaurant, killing 15 people and wounding 60 others, an interior ministry official said.

Most of the victims were Shia pilgrims and security members guarding the area, the official said.

The other attack took place in the holy Shia city of Karbala, 110 km south of Baghdad, when a booby-trapped bomb exploded at the eastern entrance of the city, killing eight people and wounding at least 22 others.

Security forces blocked the roads to the central part of the city leading to the shrine of Imam Hussein, one of the 12 most revered imams of the Shias.


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