Dubai: Oman police are reported to have arrested 24 Indians, including 13 women, in a raid for allegedly practicing sorcery and cheating people. The police reportedly seized skulls, bones, magic stones and chains during the raid. The alleged sorcerers were staying in a residential flat near the Muttrah roundabout and were luring clients by offering them fortune and relief.
Apparently, they were practising this as 'business' by staying in Oman on short-term visas, as reported by an Oman Newspaper.
Their flat was raided after a 'betrayed' client lodged a complaint with the police, said the report.
"One of my friends was lured into their den and he shelled out around 2,250 Omani riyals to buy 'magic stones' and 'magic powder'. Finally, when he realised that he was betrayed, he approached us and we filed the complaint," the victim's friends told the newspaper.
The accused claimed that the stones they possessed were collected from sacred places in India and had magical powers.
The report said that the passport details of the alleged sorcerers show that they have visited Singapore, Qatar, China and other countries. Some had visited Oman earlier too.


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