"This is a kind of show which somehow changes the lives of all who got involved with the show in the first season.  It's a life-changing show," said Anil to queries if there was a change in his perception to the world of crime after working in the first season of '24'.

The first look of the second season was launched on Tuesday at the event with Anil showcasing his tough aggression in it. The show is an adaptation of the popular international show of the same name, but despite that, adapting it according to the sensibilities of the Indian audiences wasn't an easy task.

Anil said, "Obviously we have to meet a lot of people. Like last season, (then Mumbai police chief) Rakesh Maria helped us immensely when we went with him to do research. He had even met our writers and devoted a lot of time to them."

"And for this season, there are numerous people, I can't take their names because all of them are at a very high posts in CBI, RAW who protect our country... we've tried to make it as real as possible. I was very motivated and inspired by all the people and all the officers who fight and work on the front and on the desk and in the offices to protect our country," he added.

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