Jaipur: Even though government spends billions on the purchase of MiG fighter jets from Russia, it fails to deal with the death of pilots flying them. With the recent incidence, where an MIG plane crashed at Naal Airbase in Bikaner killing the pilot, the death toll due to MiG crashes has reached 24 in Rajasthan within three years.

Undoubtedly, it shows the negligent attitude of the government in safety and security of defense personnel.

Primary investigations into the Tuesday crash reveal that during touch and go exercise at the airfield, MS Pillai planned to take off the plane soon it touched the runway for the second time. During the second take off, the plane lost its balance.

Following the advice of Air Traffic Controller, Pillai jumped off from the plane but failed to open his parachute timely and fell flat on the ground.

According to the information provided by the Air Force and Police, 24 MiG jets have crashed in Rajasthan, out of which eight MiG-21 planes have crashed at Bikaner Air Force station, killing five pilots and two others in the last 15 years.

MiG fighter jets manufactured by Russia were introduced in Indian defence in the 80s.

Sources in Air Force say the planes are now outdated. Although MiG-24 and MiG-27 were upgraded by the Air Force, trainee pilots from Hyderabad Air Force Academy are trained on MiG-21 at Bikaner Air Force Station.