Bhopal: In an effort to provide free movement to the wildlife at the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh, the government is going to displace 2,500 families residing close by forest villages.

The government will set grass fields for the wildlife.

The Centre will give Rs 10 lakh each to the displaced families. The park management has asked for Rs 250 crore from the Centre, out of which only Rs 20 crore has been received by the management so far.

The 42 displaced families of village Kumarwa have been given Rs 4.2 crore reparation while 100 families of the Kallwah villages will also be rehabilitated before the onset of monsoons.

However, Magdha village will be relocated in 2012.

The remaining 11 forest villages, Garhpuri, Milli, Muhenwah, Badhwahi, Bageha, Vamera, Kaseru, Sejwahi, Gayetaal, Kothi and Kusat will be relocated within 2-3 years.

The main objective of displacing the families is to remove human habitation that will facilitate the wildlife free roaming.