Protesters shouted these words at the city's Ogimachi park, holding banners and flags."The security related bills, if passed, might put our young generations in danger. “Japan may even become target of terrorist attacks” quoted a member of the House of Representatives from the largest opposition Democratic Party and also said, "The security bills violate our constitution and undermine democracy”.

“I really hope the government could listen to the opposition voices of the people," said Noriko Ishida, chairperson of Osaka Bar Association. Tanaka, a 30 year old civil servant of the city, participated in the gathering with his mother.

"The security bills will not protect Japan, but only drag Japan into wars. We do not want wars. That's why I come to this gathering," he said, waving a flag with words 'Security bills will send young people to wars' on it.

Yamashita, 57, came to the gathering with his wife and daughter. For him, it is an obligation to fight against the security bills as 'the bills would put Japan in a dangerous place'.

"If Prime Minister Shinzo Abe could not acknowledge that, he should step down," he said. The gathering lasted for one hour. After that, the protesters marched for about 1.5 km to the city's downtown area, calling for the government to respect public opinion.

The security related bills are now under deliberation at the upper house, after being railroaded through the lower house by the ruling coalition amid protests. The bills are considered a violation of Japan's war renouncing constitution by 90 percent of the country's legal experts.



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