Moscow: Two hundred and sixty UN observers from 60 countries have been deployed in Syria, official sources said.
"The mission chiefs will give regular press briefings to comment on their work and the Syrian situation," the sources said on Tuesday.
French President Francois Hollande said he would try to convince Russia of the need to put pressure on Damascus via the UN Security Council.
The sources said that the French President's statement was made against the backdrop of media reports confirming support of Kosovo authorities to armed groups in Syria.
In the words of Syrian Ambassador to Moscow Riyadh Haddad, the opposition forces have breached ceasefire more than 3,000 times since May 12. The sources confirmed that the Syrian situation was far from being quiet.
Meanwhile, the western media outlets reported appeals of radical imams at Tunisian mosques for a jihad against the Bashar al-Asad regime.
The killings of civilians, Syrian servicemen and law enforcers continue in a number of Syrian provinces. Border trespassing attempts are prevented constantly.


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