New Delhi: Despite orders from the Supreme Court of Mauritius to provide all the related documents to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection with the 2G spectrum case, the premier investigating agency fears it could land up with tampered documents.

In order to access the right documents, the CBI is trying to be extra vigilant in probing the layers of granularity by seeking documents of different companies from four distinct sources.

The CBI is hoping that the scam accused will be unable to falsify the documents when obtained from different sources.

These papers include company’s own documents, related bank proofs, documentation present with custodian and relevant company records available with the Registrar of Companies. Later these documents will be checked to see if they have been tampered in any way.

A senior official associated with the probe, said that in Mauritius it is very common to falsify the original documents with power and money. Therefore, the agency is worried as any manipulation or tampering with the original documents would make it difficult for the CBI to tighten the noose around those guilty in 2G scam, he added.

CBI is seeking documents in relation to two cases in Mauritius. The first one is related to the Loop Telecom. Despite being the main company of Essar group, Loop has been accused of grabbing the 2G spectrum licenses. However, the investigators have assured that they have strong evidences against the company and in case they do not find any documents they can still file a chargesheet against it.

The second case is quite complicated. Reliance Telecom sold 9.9 per cent stake of Swan Telecom to Mauritius Delphi firm. Notably, the ownership rights of Delphi lies with another company Mavi investment, but its real owners are not known.

It is anticipated that the Swan Telecom shares, which Delphi received from Reliance Telecom were part and parcel of a bribe and if this charge is proven then it certainly would be the biggest exposure in the 2G spectrum scandal.