New Delhi: The introduction of mobile number portability (MNP) in the telecom sector can play a very crucial role in lessening the negative impact of the Supreme Court’s verdict in 2G spectrum allocation case that lead to the cancellation of 122 2G licences of several  telecom giants in the country.

Amid the speculations of tariff hike following high prices of spectrum after fresh auctions, the customers can enjoy the MNP facility to switch to their most suited subscriber.

According to the experts, major telecom companies including Airtel and Vodafone have already started extensive work on wooing the telecom customers by attractive call rates and additional offers.

As per the sources, over 8, 000 telecom customers are likely to avail the number portability facility for better talking experience.

The experts also opine that the fresh auctions of 2G spectrums can open the chances of attracting the customers for old telecom giants including the government run firms that have lost market due to the advent of new telecom companies in 2008.

During December last, while UNINOR added 22.4 percent of customers through number portability, Bharati Airtel saw an increase of 10.1 percent in its customer share under this scheme.

Notably, 2.92 crore mobile customers had switched to other subscribers through number portability system till December 31 last year.

Experts claim that the1 existing figures are likely to increase by one crore by February this year.

Customers’ switching trend through MNP 

Karanatka        28, 33390
Gujarat         27, 68569
Andhra Pradesh     26, 97469
Rajasthan         23, 81606
Maharastra     23, 12800
Madhya Pradesh     17, 86385
Uttar Pradesh(W)    16, 40868
Uttar Pradesh(E)    13, 94727

(Figures till December 31, 2011)