New Delhi: The tug-of-war between Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over the 2G spectrum scam probe by Public Accounts Committee (PAC) continues. In a fresh round of heated exchange of allegations and counter allegations, the Congress has come up with a strategy to scuttle the pace of investigation in the scam being done by PAC headed by Murali Mahohar Joshi.

The Congress leaders have raised the issue that investigation in 2G spectrum case is incomplete without the questioning of the prime accused and former Telecom Minister A Raja.

According to sources, Jitender Singh the Secretary to Congress parliamentarian Rahul Gandhi, said the investigation report cannot come to a conclusion on just a fast basis and also that the investigations cannot be complete without the questioning of A Raja.

He said, ideally the facts given by the people who were questioned in this case by the PAC, should be cross checked with Raja. Singh further said he failed to understand the reason why PAC did not call Raja for the investigation.

The proposal got the consent of Congress member KS Rao and Biju Janata Dal member Bhartuhari Mahtab.

Replying to this, BJP members said with Raja, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister TKA Nair, Cabinet Secretary KM Chandrashekar and Attorney General GE Vahanwati should also be called.

BJP members further said as the matter is still pending in the court, therefore these people have not been called by PAC for the investigation. The BJP members failed to understand the logic behind hue and cry created by Congressmen over the calling of Raja for the probe.

Meanwhile, the coffin scam was also discussed where a report was presented without the consent of the members. Reports were also round the corner that Murali Mahohar Joshi may submit his report before his completion of his one-year tenure as PAC Chief.

(JPN/ Bureau)