Mumbai: Looks like the 3 Idiots effect has not really gone past Madhavan. Not only is he back with the main cast of the film in Raju Hirani’s next, he is currently suffering from a knee injury that he sustained during the shooting of 3 Idiots. In fact, the actor has gone to USA for a surgery on his knee. Maddy was seen walking with the help of crutches before embarking on his journey.

Our source says, “He said that he had hurt himself while shooting for 3 Idiots but didn’t tell me the exact details. Since then he had a niggling pain in his knee, which he ignored and went on with his other films. That aggravated the injury making the pain unbearable.”

The source adds, “Maddy has a lot of friends in the US. So he decided to get his treatment done there. He is going in for a surgery and will be back only after he has recovered completely. It may take him two months. His wife and son are also with him.”

While the actor didn’t revert to our calls and text messages, his manager confirmed the story, saying, “Madhavan has hurt his knee while shooting for 3 Idiots and he has gone to the US for his surgery.” 

Courtesy: Mid-day