New Delhi: Commitment levels among employees in India have declined sharply in comparison to the global average, as about 33 percent of them are planning to leave their jobs in less than two years, says a survey.

In contrast, only one-in-five of the workforces over the world intend to do so.

Globally, one in five employees (21 percent) intend to leave in less than two years, while in case of India one in every three are planning this shift within two years itself, according to the survey by global management consultancy Hay Group.

Commitment levels have fallen to a 5-year low in every major region of the world as long-term loyalty has become a casualty of low levels of employee engagement and employee enablement, it said.

"It is a worrying sign that Indian organisations, despite averaging higher engagement levels than the Asia average, find that only about 40 percent intend to remain loyal to their present organisations in the next five years," Hay Group India Managing Director Gaurav Lahiri said.

As per the report, employees should be effectively matched to their roles, so that their skills and abilities are put to best use and secondly there should be an enabling environment, which facilitates, rather than hinders, individual productivity.

"Frustrated employees are unlikely to persist over the long-term in this state. Clearly, the opportunities currently available for organisations to improve the bottom line by actively engaging the workforce have never been so good – and the time to act is now," Lahiri added.

Hay Group's data employees across the globe are not properly supported at work – and are unable to perform to their full potential as a result.

Moreover, less than two thirds of employees around the world (62 percent) feel that conditions at work allow them to be as productive as they could be.

More than two-fifths (44 percent) of the global workforce intend to leave their employers within five years, while in case of India a much larger majority of employees (58 percent) have acknowledged their intent to exit their present organisations within five years.

"While tight labour market conditions have reduced staff churn, there is a buildup of restless and frustrated employees, which now amounts to more than two fifths of companies' workers," Hay Group senior principal Mark Royal said.

At the regional level, the Pacific finds itself with the lowest level of employee commitment, with 54 percent of the workforce intending to leave their companies within 5 years.

Employee commitment is highest in North America with three in five employees (62 percent) intending to stay with their employer for five years or more. However, commitment has declined by five percent since last year, the report said.


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