The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has recently handed over a total of 362 flats at the Commonwealth Games Village complex to the Directorate of Estates, said a senior ministry official. Earlier, DDA had handed over 16 such flats in 2013.
Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has approved earmarking 100 of these flats for allocation to chairpersons and members of various tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies. Another 178 have been added to the General Pool Residential Accommodation, and 50 each to Tenure Officers Pool and Tenure Pool.
The latest acquisition by the Directorate of Estates comprises 248 Type-V(B) three-bedroom flats, 82 Type-VI(B) four-bedroom flats and 32 Type-VII five-bedroom flats.
DDA had handed over nine four-bedroom and seven five-bedroom flats in 2013.
According to the official, DDA handed over these 378 flats towards the cost of land provided by the ministry for the CWG Village.
There is a total of 61,523 houses in various categories ranging from Type I to Type VIII, and double- and single-suit hostel accommodation available in the national capital.

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