New Delhi: The ‘3C’ formula of caste, corruption and currency seems to dominate the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh which were once dominated by 3 M’s Money, Mafia and Muscle. With Bihar and West Bengal elections turning to be life-changing events, no signs of any radical change are being visible in the state referred as the laboratory of elections.

The slogans of slamming caste politics for development have died down amidst the 3C formula.  

The ‘3M’ disease that once erupted among the regional parties became a widespread menace among others, making the Election Commission sweat hard to tighten its noose on the violators. Cash seizures worth Rs 25 crore in last five days have exposed the cash for vote strategy of the political players.

While Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party openly fielded mafia and criminals in political mainstream, national parties like Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party committed the similar mistakes but avoided nominating people with criminal backgrounds at the centre.

Surprisingly, for the first time even the national parties have pushed aside the agenda of development. Even Congress scion Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign is focusing on corruption, criminalization and ethnic, religious equations. The announcement of allotting reservation to minorities a few hours ahead of the election was done to appease the Muslim voters. Moreover, during the election campaign and distribution of tickets, the Congress gave preference to caste equations instead of focusing on their leaders.

On the other hand, the BJP’s idea of playing the ethic card proved to be a flop show as Babu Singh Kushwaha’s inclusion in the party ruined its image. On the contrary, according to the BJP strategists, Kushwaha will be beneficial for more than a dozen seats. Now, acquiring a strict attitude against corruption and criminalisation, the BJP is planning to play its backward card.

The BJP has also increased its proximity with the expelled BSP leader Dhananjay Singh and is likely to give his wife a ticket.

Overall, the national parties are found to be increasingly opting for candidates with criminal and corrupt backgrounds, whereas BSP and SP are seen maintaining a distance with them.  
However, SP is still trying to adjust religious and caste equations but has distanced itself from DP Yadav. The BSP has also expelled 21 ministers to project a clean image ahead of the elections.